Making plans after travel bans are removed.
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Making plans after travel bans are removed.

With most of the world’s borders closed and with lock downs in place, some are saying that international travel may take some time to start again. The good news is that according to the most recent Australian Government indications, some of the current restrictions could be lifted as early as mid-May. Once the interstate borders are also lifted, it could mean that domestic travel within Australia could slowly resume. During this lock down, it could be an opportune time to start planning your Australian trip and (re)discover this amazing country we live.

Here are some tips you should start considering:

Choose how to travel

Given the vast distances, the obvious choice would be to select an airline. Keep in mind that initially the options for flights may be limited and fares could be expensive. It will take some time for airlines to get back to a full schedule. You may want to consider some of the land based options. How about driving or hiring a car or motorhome? You would be supporting the local economy and in particular local businesses which have not only been impacted by the COVID-19 but by the recent bushfires.

It’s all about the destination

Airlines, cruise companies and tour operators will be working closely with government tourism bodies to promote their region. Local governments will be ready to provide subsidies and incentives to the travel industry in order to entice visitors to their region. This will mean that there will be some great deals on offer in the coming months. Start having a look at destination that takes your fancy and keep a price watch for deals that suit you.

Budget for your trip now

Pricing levels for flights, tours and cruises is very dynamic and change frequently based on demand and seasonal influences. Airlines and travel companies are providing great flexibility at this time. If you see a great offer for tour you can most often secure it a small deposit which in most cases is refundable. Even once you make final payment, most companies are allowing last minute cancellations without fees if the market conditions change and it is no longer viable. Airlines, cruise companies and tour operators are providing unprecedented flexibility including holding travel credits for up to two years. Some are providing extra incentives and credits to make holding on to the travel credit more appealing.

Finally ALWAYS use a travel agent. Especially in times of uncertainty you having the support of a travel agent will prove invaluable. You will be dealing with someone you know instead of being just a “number” trying to get through to someone to help you out. As the saying goes, without an agent you’re on your own.

So there is light at the end of the tunnel and the travel industry will bounce back as it always has. You just have to look at how well we rebounded after 9/11, SARS and terrorist attacks. The desire to travel can never be extinguished. The fun part is start planning now for your travel needs.

>At Australian Business & Conference Travel we will be here to always help you with that and can’t wait to start assisting with your travel needs. Get ready to take off. Soon. Very soon. 😊