Who We Are



Our service culture ensures that customer service takes priority in all our goals, decisions, actions, and everyday operations.  When an organization has a heart for service, each employee is connected emotionally to a world-class service outcome. Delivering excellence is not simply an unsubstantiated strategy but it is our pledge and vocation to our clients.

Established in 1979 ABC Travel has demonstrated great stamina, strength and amazing survival skills and has experienced the vast changes the travel industry has undergone. ABC Travel offers all the latest technology the industry has to offer, however that is not what makes ABC Travel so unique and different from other travel suppliers.

What gives ABC Travel its soul and heart is that it still cares and focuses on people. Whilst other companies are reducing staff and replacing them with robotics and online tools ABC Travel is heavily investing in people and offering that good old fashioned service.


ABC Travel is not an average travel and conference company. Our service is not average, we don’t want our people to be average and we certainly don’t want your travel experiences to be average. We like to shine in everything we do. We consistently strive for excellence and to maintain high level customer service, satisfaction and above all mind blowing, life-changing and memorable experiences. Our goal is to exceed our clients every expectation.

The art of Travel

*Knowledge *Flexibility *24/7 personalised service *Time *Uniqueness * Inspiration

ABC Travel prides itself in going a step further than the rest to make sure your trip is memorable for all the right reasons. The planning process should be the start of a fantastic holiday, not the reason you’re going to need one, so we are delighted to offer a host of little extras to make a trip with ABC Travel the ultimate luxury. We’d love to tell you more about those, but we’d hate to ruin the surprise. Just trust us – we’ve done this before.