Las Vegas a city never sleeps is waiting up for you.
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Las Vegas a city never sleeps is waiting up for you.

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As travel is seen as a slight gamble today therefore we feel it is quite opportune to start focusing on where the real gambling happens –  Las Vegas “The Gambling Capital of the World”.

However Las Vegas is not only about the slots, it is a city that has a lot to offer for visitors, including a vibrant downtown, events, arts, music, beautiful parks, fine dining and more.

In a city synonymous with fun, Las Vegas takes seriously the opportunities it affords both residents and visitors to enjoy life to the fullest. While tourists flock here for world-class dining, shopping and entertainment, the newly revitalized downtown is home to art galleries, diverse restaurants and bars and a host of engaging venues and museums. Here, serious, authentic fun is served up daily.

After lock-down to shakedown –  Las Vegas must be on everyone’s list of places to visit to revitalise all our senses.

Greene Street Kitchen

Feel like a kid again at the entrance to this restaurant that takes you through an 80s-themed gaming aracade. It features graffiti work from icons such as Bansky and Slick and my picks from the Asian fusion menu are their famous tuna pizzas and wagyu beef.


Divorce laws were liberalized in Nevada, making residency easier to attain. A “quickie” divorce could be attained after six weeks of residency. These short-term residents stayed at dude ranches, which were working ranches taking in paying guests to help make ends meet. Surviving examples are located at Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs. The first gaming license in Nevada was issued to Mayme Stocker at the Northern Club. Beginning in 1931, the construction of Hoover Dam brought an influx of construction workers, which started a population boom during the Great Depression and gave the valley’s economy a needed boost. The Las Vegas High School now the Las Vegas Academy, was built at S. Seventh Street and Bridger Avenue. The opulent art deco style high school is listed on the city of Las Vegas Historic Property Register and the National Register of Historic Places.

Discover the arts and culture

The performing and visual arts are a thriving and essential part of the Las Vegas community.  One of the highlights of your trip to Las Vegas is guaranteed to be the Neon Museum, so make sure you don’t miss it. The grand old iconic neon signs that once shone bright along the Vegas Strip now reside in this boneyard. It’s also a great stage for some epic photos!