University of Technology Sydney

2013: March 30, 2013

The University of Technology Sydney calendar entails various educational group tours, one of which was held in the wondrous and astonishing sights of Malaysia.  Abc travel ensured that this International Management Field Study trip was packed with inspiring tours, creatively fun educational activities, exciting social functions and visits to intriguing study sites – all whilst allowing the students to explore the wonders of Malaysia and providing them with the best opportunity to discover all that Malaysia has to offer.

The students spent over 11 days in two cities, and the tour was effectively budgeted to the students’ financial needs. Beginning the field trip in Kuala Lumpur, the students engaged in local tours as well as educational factory visits to such places as the Rubber Research Institute (RRI) and local car manufacturers, where they had various demonstrations which were related to the students’ studies. The group then travelled to Penang, where further studies took place at the Dell Factory.

In addition to the factory visits, abc travel arranged fun activities, team-building and unique dining experiences for the students. A glamorous event for the group’s university fun night was organised at the Saloma Theatre Restaurant. The students experienced the sheer cultural thrill of Malaysian traditions, as the evening unfolded with Saloma Dancers entertaining the group with a varied dance repertoire. It was a colourful affair with a special opening gambit by the Saloma Dancers. The students were impressed with the vast selection of both local and international cuisine ranging from Malaysian, Indian and Chinese.

This UTS tour successfully demonstrates and attests to Abc travel ability to organise educational and, at the same time, enjoyable group travel and field trips for students, teachers and alumni.

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