Our Team

Our team of luxury travel specialists have spent almost three decades in the travel industry, and our knowledge of the world’s most inspiring places is unrivaled. We are experienced, opinionated, and discerning, and we believe that travel is one of life’s ultimate joys—it never fails to thrill us, expand our perspectives, or fill us with wonder and gratitude. We love exploring the world, and we know it intimately.

Every person on our staff had their lives altered by travel; we abandoned our original plans— Commercial airline pilot , law school, engineering , medical school  you name it—because we took a life-changing journey, and now all we want to do is create life-changing journeys for other people.

The Team  at ABC Travel are also some of the most creative and experienced in the business, responsible for some of the biggest occasions on the calendar, from incredible fashion shows and product launches to prestigious awards ceremonies and unforgettable conferences.



Domenica Redford
Joint Managing Director
Serial pasta and chocolate eater / Married a good looking Ruski / love a good coffee , travel, cruising and did I mention chocolate? …particularly Baci chocolates
Peter Redford
Joint Managing Director
With over three decades of airline industry experience, Peter is an adored leader with a great personality, courage, and a clear vision all of which have propelled ABC Travel to great accomplishments . Peter encourages the team to perform to their optimum all the time and drives organisational success.
Emilio Labbozzetta
General Manager
From a very young age, Emilio has loved flying on airplanes and feeling the excitement of a new destination. Today Emilio has a following of over 10,000 people on social media, he is highly respected and considered the industry’s guru on anything to do with aviation and travel. The man with the golden knowledge.
Nicola Castiglioni
Senior Advisor
The no problem man, fast and precise.. good with people loves family, travel, spaghetti, sport and nature..
Christine  Dawson
Senior Advisor
I love travel, photography, nature, beaches, sunsets and good wine.
Holly Kim
Senior Advisor
I like Good food, good wine and travelling : )
Michael Redford
IT Manager
For someone who sits behind a computer, I've got more energy than a newly born rabbit. I also love the mighty Rabbitohs. :) Surf, sunshine, golf, music and enjoying the company of friends with a few cold beers.
Michela  Gallimore
Senior Legal Counsel
With 21 years broad commercial experience advising on, negotiating and managing a variety of commercial agreements
Cissy Tang
Financial Controller
The one smart with numbers, the lucky skinny food lover, loves travel, cooking and spend time with family.
Eugenio Cannarsa
Marketing Specialist
Likes: Surfing, boating, loves to travel and arts.
Bev Lambert
Senior Cruise Advisor
Bev enjoys sharing her wealth of knowledge with her clients. She’s travelled extensively and loves planning family holidays, along with amazing itineraries for special occasions like anniversaries, events and reunions.
Cherie Mu
Senior Cruise Advisor
Cherie loves world cultures, languages, souls, food, oceans, and urban places by nature.
Nannette  Hitchman
Cruising Consultant
Based in Manly, Nannette has over three decades of travel, hospitality, and cruising experience. She specializes in cruising , tropical getaways, small ship adventures, and family travel.
Charlie "Humpy" Camelo
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I am a large, strong desert animal. I have travelled great distances across hot, dry deserts with little food or water. I have walked on soft sand where trucks would get stuck, and carried people and heavy loads to places that have no roads. I have also served the people of the desert in many other ways….it’s time for a career change.