things to pack

Things you should never pack for a holiday

The key to trip preparation is to pack smarter, not harder.

You may feel the urge to plan for the unexpected, but filling your suitcase with a bunch of what-if items can really weigh it down. There’s nothing worse than unpacking after a long trip and realizing that you didn’t use half of the items in your suitcase. To prevent this from happening to you, here are a few things that you never need to pack.

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Stupid tourist

Are these the world’s dumbest tourists… Seriously?

Sometimes people do not think when they are traveling.

Whether its being downright disrespectful of historical monuments, goading wild animals or offending locals, Fox News has rounded up some of the stupidest things we’ve seen travellers do. Don’t commit a cultural faux pas. Read up on local customs before you hit the road—or you might end up on this list.

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