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Music & Literature

1Sometimes it happens that a phrase from your favourite book keeps echoing in your head. It could be from a novel about Africa written by Doris Lessing, a love story set amid the skyscrapers of Tokyo, a story of new and old Turkey by Orhan Pamuk, or a Chatwin’s travel memoir in Patagonia. Inspired by the book, you can tailor-make your trip to see with your own eyes.

Fancy a trip dedicated to music? Indulge your senses in a Bocelli concert at Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico or visit Cape Town during the Jazz Festival, listen to international pop stars live in Abu Dhabi or ask us to create the perfect travelexperience for you, mixing excursions and music events.


Art, Architecture & Design

2If your journey is inspired by creativity, you can start by choosing the hotels for your stay: the minimal-chic Armani Hotel Dubai, the contemporary style of Casa dell’Arte in Bodrum, or a design lodge in the African savanna, like Singita.

The itinerary can follow unusual, traditional or vanguard paths, from Shona sculpture in Zimbabwe to rock art in Namibia, from churches and mosques of Istanbul to a manga festival in Japan. Also, the most innovative architecture masterpieces, like the mix of mysticism and design of Tadao Ando’s Church of Light or the amazing new museums in Abu Dhabi by Frank Gehry and Jean Nouvel

Exclusive Italian experiences that best capture a full range of local styles: traditional, vernacular, religious, aristocratic, modern and contemporary.


Nature & Wildlife

3From autumn in Japan to expeditions in Antarctic, from the purple-crested turaco to Malawi orchids. These travel experiences are enriched by colours, scents and animals.

Visit the arid Namaqualand during spring, when it’s covered by colourful wildflowers, learn about the South African fynbos – which is a Unesco World Heritage Site – or discover the surprising colours of Japanese autumn, when nature is wrapped in an orange and golden mantle.

Hundreds of turtles gather at sunset and lay their eggs on the desert beaches of Oman. If you like bird-watching choose one of the many national parks in Southern Africa, and to enjoy whale-watching explore Namibia and South Africa coastline.


Railway journeys

4Trains are not only a practical means of transportation, they can transform your journey into a memorable experience. On the luxurious and sophisticated Blue Train you cross South Africa, while Rovos Rail travels through several African countries: stay on this ancient steam locomotive and get the feel of the Victorian age atmosphere and old-time travelling.

In Japan instead you move fast on ultra-modern trains: seize the opportunity totravel on a bullet train, the most rapid and comfortable way to visit the Land of the Rising Sun.

Or travel on the Orient Express on delightful vintage cabins, gastronomic cuisine and lively onboard entertainment make a journey on this luxury train one of the world’s finest travel experiences.


Safari Holidays

5In Swahili “safari” simply means “journey”. Safaris are a great way to enjoy wildlife in the national parks and the private reserves of Africa. From Kenya to South Africa, take photos of animals passing through the bush, sail on the rivers and the lakes, enter the forests and move across the great plains tracking the animals and watching preys and predators at close distance: giraffes, elephants, lions, cheetahs…  The dry season is the best period to make a safari, especially at sunrise and sunset, while a night safari offers more chances to see animals hunting.

In the lands of the Arctic Circle, the safari is defined by the whiteness of the snow and glaciers, following the traces of polar bears, seals, whales, narwhal, caribou and birds.



6The new frontier of camping is the “glamorous camping”: luxury tents, scenic locations and nature at your fingertips.  For those who want to experience adventure in style.  The camps are set up in spectacular locations, immersed in nature and surrounded by total privacy. They range from tented accommodation made from natural materials (usually wood and canvas) to tree houses, from yurts to Bedouin-style tents.  In Namibia, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Oman and beyond.

The common denominator is comfort: impeccable in every detail.  Because the “rooms” are decorated to the nines and the bathroom is strictly private – often with bathtub and panoramic views.  The extra mile in the most the glamorous camps: personal butler, private guide and tailor-made excursions


Spa & Wellness

7Whether travelling in a big cosmopolitan city or a peaceful nature destination, after a few days of excursions you may miss an intimate haven where to take care of yourself. A spa holiday combines amazing sceneries with the harmony of treatments pampering your body and soul.

Choose a luxury hotel in the heart of Istanbul and relax with the ancient ritual of hammam, or unwind with a massage in an African bush lodge after a safari.

You could spend a couple of days in a traditional hotel with natural hot springs in Japan, or let your mind be tempted by aromatherapy while you are surrounded by silent desert dunes.


Gourmet Experience

8Let your senses guide you in the discovery of the world: relish new flavours, sip a glass of wine, whet your appetite and let the journey unravel through the senses of smell and taste.

In South Africa, from one gourmand dish to another, from one glass of exquisite wine to another, you could follow the sinuous routes of the Western Cape. Or overstay in a colonial estate in Stellenbosch to taste a Merlot at Franschooek, then keep on travelling through the vineyards along the famous Route 62.

In Turkey you might be tantalized by spicy fragrances and fine Mediterranean food. Maybe stop at an extravagant submarine restaurant in Dubai, or savour a gourmet dinner at a traditional ryokan in Japan.

Or for all those who are lovers of all that is Italian – the charming medieval towns, the centuries old traditions, the people and their culture, the art and of course, the great food and wine!!


History & Culture

9Go back in time, think of a bygone era and dive into history. Wander through the ancient archeological masterpieces of Ephesus, from the Library of Celsus to the Temple of Artemis and sleep at a charming Museum Hotel in Cappadocia. Choose North Cyprus for a beach holiday but also visit its beautiful churches and castles.

While travelling in South Africa, stop at pioneer towns and visit Robben Island to learn about the history of the “Rainbow Nation”. In Japan visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki or stroll along the old streets of Kanazawa. Be impressed by the oldest pre-colonial town of Southern Africa: a Unesco World Heritage Site in the heart of Zimbabwe.

Our guided tours to Italy allow you to experience and learn more about its art, history, archaeology, gastronomy and music. These cultural tours to Italy visit the length and breadth of this extraordinary country, taking in some of the most remarkable sites and sights in the history and civilization of Europe, or indeed of the world.


Archaelogical Tours

10This is one our new addition to our specialisation. This program will be exclusively designed and studied for those with a keen interest in archaeology .


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